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About the Wizard

C.M. Waggoner wrote her first uncomfortable third-person bio in 2019, when it was attached to her debut novel, Unnatural Magic. Right now she's waiting for her second book, The Ruthless Lady's Guide to Wizardry, to come out in January 2021. She's also working on a third novel and messing around with an extra project with 200% more wicked witches and handsome princes in it than all of her previous efforts combined.

Click on over to the "works" section and buy a book so that your humble author can afford the really fancy ramen with three different seasoning packets in it. Alternatively, get in touch if you’ve got any comments, questions, scathing criticisms, or just want to say hi. We're all a little lonely in these days: you might as well talk to strange fantasy novelists on the internet. 

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